First Skype Compatible Wi-Fi Cell Phone

A Taiwan-based technology company is reportedly the first to develop a Wi-Fi cell phone that is exclusively compatible with the Skype VoIP phone service. Users of this new cell phone will be able to make free Skype calls from any accessible Wi-Fi network.

From Blogger News —

Accton Technology Corporation, an elite provider of telecommunications and networking, unveiled its latest contribution to the evolving world of technology. The Taiwan based company has developed the first Wi-Fi phone made exclusively for Skype compatabilities. The phone, entitled the Accton VM1185T, is the first hand-held device to come equipped with Skype’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software. Because of this rarity the Accton VM1185T was subjected to pass Skype’s vigorous one month testing phase. It passed with flying colors.

Source: First Wi-Fi Cell Phone with Skype Compatabilities