Texting Fundraiser Raises Over $10 Million for Haiti Relief Effort

Sign of the times – in what is being called a historical mobile fundraising campaign, US cell phone users have given over $10 million to Haitian earthquake relief efforts through text messages.

The Mobile Giving Foundation is calling the outpouring of support a “mobile-giving record” for money raised for a single natural disaster. The foundation is getting around 10,000 texts/second from contributors.

All text message contributions are charged to the donor’s cell phone bill and many wireless carriers have waived standard text message fees for the fundraising effort.

The American Red Cross estimates that $8 million of the $37 million it has raised for Haitian relief efforts has been given by mobile phone users.

The texting donations are also being powered by social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where people are encouraging others to donate using their cell phones and mobile devices.

[ Source: Reuters.com ]