Buddhist Monks Warned Not to Flirt on Social Networks

In a story that shows the widespread use of social networks around the globe, the Thailand Prime Minister’s Office has requested that the government ministry of Information, Communications and Technology monitor the use of the Hi5 social networking site by Buddhist monks.

The request came after allegations that a monk used the internet to lure a young girl to his temple and raped her.

Thai government officials are considering blocking access to the site to resolve future problems, but current law requires permission from a judge to block the site.

A Thai minister has requested that Hi5 site operators monitor the Web site for use by monks and kick them off.

The Hi5 social network claims to be the third largest social network in the world, with 70 million registered users around the globe, including over 800,000 in Thailand.

The Hi5’s online safety section warns users to beware of personal postings that could embarrass them or be viewed by friends, family or employers.

Source: Information Week