C-SPAN Interview With Daniel Solove on Web 2.0 and Privacy

Daniel Solove is a George Washington University Law Professor, who specializes in information privacy law, and the author of “The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor & Privacy on the Internet”.

In this interesting 30 minute interview with C-SPAN, Daniel Solove discusses a range of legal issues relating to the conflicts between freedom and privacy in the “wild, wild west” world of web 2.0, blogs, social networks and wired mass communication.

Throughout the interview Solove relates a number of fascinating anecdotes that highlight the problems with current internet and privacy laws, involving social networks, blogs, online access to public records, personal information providers, cyber cops, wired mobs, electronic lynchings, personal privacy.

Solove deals with these topics in an interesting, informed manner and without the alarmism that typically goes with discussions on freedom and privacy issues.

If you are interested in internet law, web 2.0 topics, privacy issues or public records access, this is one of the best YouTube videos you can view. Take 30 minutes out of your wired schedule to watch it below.