Spokeo’s Name, Phone Number & Address Search

Spokeo SearchSpokeo is a premium search engine that collects information on people from public sources like social media sites, public records, white pages and other sources like consumer marketing data.

The site was started in 2006, and has grown into one of the most popular ways to find people online with over 18 million monthly visitors.

You can find information on people on Spokeo’s search engine several different ways, including:

  • full name search
  • username search
  • reverse phone search
  • reverse address lookup
  • reverse email lookup

Deep Web Search Engines

Deep web databases contain more information on people than the visible web that is indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Specialty search engines like Spokeo collect information from these deep web databases and make it available on one site.

Spokeo’s deep web crawler has collected billions of public records on people that can help you find long-lost family, friends or any other person that you are looking for.

Spokeo Name Search

You can lookup a person on Spokeo by entering their first and last name in the name search box. Search results can include the person’s age; names of known relatives; the street address where the person currently lives; past places where the person has lived; phone number(s); email address(es); personal photos and social media profiles; public records and historical records.

Spokeo Phone Number Search

If you have a good phone number for someone, you can use the reverse phone lookup on Spokeo to find out information associated with the person who the phone number belongs to.

Today, many people have their own mobile phones, so doing a reverse lookup on a phone number can be a good way of finding information on someone.

Spokeo Street Address Lookup

You can also find information on someone through the street address lookup on Spokeo. The Spokeo database contains millions of addresses that you can search to find public records and contact details on someone.

Spokeo’s address search results can include current residents, past residents, property owner, property value, sales history and neighborhood sex offender information.

Spokeo Email Lookup

Nowadays, most people have at least one email address. Some people may have multiple email addresses for personal and professional use. You can lookup an email address on Spokeo to find out who it belongs to and where it has been used online.

Search Plans

Although very basic information is free on Spokeo, most of Spokeo’s people data requires a paid membership to access. Current search plans on Spokeo range from month-to-month plans up to 6 month plans.

Spokeo’s Opt-Out & Customer Service

There is a simple opt-out form on the Spokeo site for anyone who wants to have their personal information removed from Spokeo’s people search. All you have to do is submit the Spokeo URL where your personal information appears and your email address to confirm your request.

If your personal information is listed on multiple pages on Spokeo, you will need to submit an opt-out request for each URL that your information is on. In addition, it is always possible that your information will get collected by Spokeo in future database updates, so it may be necessary to check Spokeo regularly to see if your information reappears on the site.

However, since Spokeo collects their people data from other data sources, removing your information from the Spokeo search engine does not remove it from the other sources that Spokeo collected it from.

Spokeo also has a toll-free customer service phone number (877) 913-3088 to help answer questions you may have regarding their search services.