Spy Dialer Phone Number Search

Spy Dialer ( spydialer.com ) is a search site and smartphone app that lets you do a free reverse phone number lookup. The Spy Dialer phone search site and app were created by a professional private investigator.

Spy Dialer Phone Lookup

The Spy Dialer site lets you search any ten digit U.S. phone number to find out several different things about the number, such as:

  1. Voicemail Greeting
  2. Phone Number Ownership
  3. Social Media Profiles & Photos
  4. Spam Phone Number Information

Listen to the Voicemail Greeting for a Phone Number

Spy Dialer can secretly call the phone number you enter and directly connect with the voice mail for the number you enter. Spy Dialer records the voicemail greeting for the phone number and lets you play it back to see who the phone number belongs to.

According to the Spy Dialer site, this process is discreet and perfectly legal. The person who owns the phone number that you search never knows that you placed a call to their voicemail and recorded their greeting message.

However, if you use the free version of Spy Dialer, the owner of the searched number gets a message that their phone number has been called by Spy Dialer. The paid version displays a dummy phone number, so the person has no idea that their phone has been called by someone using the Spy Dialer service.

Phone Number Greeting Test: I used the free version of Spy Dialer to call my own cell phone number, and it did successfully record the voicemail greeting that I use for my mobile phone number.

When I used Spy Dialer to test my own cell phone number, my caller ID showed a phone number in the 775 area code from Pahrump, NV, which was the Spy Dialer phone number that called my voicemail and recorded my greeting. When I called the phone number back, I got a recording that said: “You have been Spy Dialed – Spydialer.com.”

Spy Dialer Name & Location Lookup

Spy Dialer also lets you search for the name and location information of the person who owns a phone number that you lookup on the site. However, this information may be incorrect, out of date or not available at all.

Phone Number Owner Test: I had Spy Dialer call an old landline phone number for one of my family members. The Spy Dialer search showed the first name and location for the relative that the phone number used to belong to. However, that phone number was disconnected by that person many years ago.

I also had Spy Dialer do a name search for my own cell phone number. This search found my correct first name, but showed an incorrect city and state for my location.

See Photos Associated with the Phone Number

Spy Dialer also lets you search for any photos or social media profiles that may be associated with the phone number that you lookup on their site. Search results can show profiles on social networks like Linkedin or Facebook as well as any pictures associated with the phone number that you lookup. However, this search feature on Spy Dialer doesn’t seem to be very accurate.

Phone Number Photo Lookup Test:  several attempts to use this feature for different phone numbers yielded some wildly incorrect search results. This feature of Spy Dialer is probably the least reliable of the four different phone search options available through the site.

Find Spam Information for a Phone Number

Spy Dialer also gives you the option to see if the phone number that you lookup is classified as spam. Spy Dialer gives real-time information on whether or not a phone number is spam based on their search data for that phone number.

Phone Number Spam Test: I used the Spy Dialer spam lookup for several phone numbers that I have for friends and family, and, as expected, none of them were listed as spam numbers by Spy Dialer. I also searched several known telemarketing phone numbers on the spam lookup, and they were all listed as spam on the Spy Dialer site.

The Spy Dialer Opt-Out Policy

If you don’t want people to be able to lookup your phone number on Spy Dialer, you have to opt-out of the site. Spy Dialer has an online opt-out form that you can use to remove your phone number from their search. All you have to do is submit your phone number to Spy Dialer to have your phone number removed from the site.