People’s Arrest Records And Mugshots Go Social On Facebook

The police department in Boscawen, N.H. have started the practice of posting people’s mugshots on Facebook.

One person claims to have lost a job when the police posted his name and mugshot on the social network.

Jacob Hooper is a local teenager who was arrested for underage drinking. He found out that his mugshot was posted on Facebook from friends who saw it online.

Now he is worried about how this digital public record could affect everything from college admissions to future employment.

The mugshots are posted on Facebook along with some arrest record details as well as the person’s court date.

The police department’s Facebook page was launched several months ago. The Boscawen Police department also posts events, unsolved crimes and arrests on the site.

The practice has outraged some local people, but the police department says that the arrest records and mugshots are all public records and therefore fair to use on a public site like Facebook.

The Boscawen chief of police notes that the mugshots and arrest record information are removed from Facebook after each case is resolved.

However, with server storage and the ability to copy and save digital information online, we all know that once digital, always digital.

You can view the Boscawen Police Department’s Facebook page here.