Twitter Celebrities People Search Most For On Google

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan has published an article on the most popular celebrities on Twitter as determined by how many times people search for them on Google.

Using Google’s own keyword search results, Sullivan was able to find out how many times a famous person’s name was searched on Google along with the word “Twitter”.

Here are his results for the most popular Twitter celebrities that people search for on Google:

1. Demetria Lovato – 165,000 Google searches per month.

2. Lance Armstrong – 135,000 monthly searches on Google.

3. Ashton Kutcher – 74,000+ Google searches.

4. Lady Gaga – 74,000 monthly searches.

5. Katy Perry – 49,500 searches.

6. Drizzy Drake – 27,100 Google searches.

7. Bill Simmons – 6,600 searches.

8. Opie ( Opie and Anthony Show ) – 4,400 monthly Google searches.

9. Diablo Cody – 1,600 Google searches.

10. David Pogue – 1,000 monthly Google searches.

There you have it: the most popular celebrities on Twitter as determined by Google people search volume.

[ Source: Search Engine Land ]