Harris County, Texas Court Records Search

Harris County, Texas has an online court records search, where you can lookup civil court records and criminal court records as well as trial judgments and historical legal records for free. You can also so a background check search on a person to find any criminal convictions that they have on record in the county court system.

Harris County, Texas includes Houston, TX and some surrounding areas. According to the 2010 U.S. census, Harris County had a population of over 4 million people. Harris County is the most populous county in Texas and the third most populated county in the USA, which makes their court records search a rich source for public record information on the millions of people who live within its boundaries.

We have used the name search on the Harris County court site to find a number of civil and criminal records on people who live in and around Harris County, TX. Our Harris County court searches have revealed lawsuits, court judgments, misdemeanor criminal records and felony criminal records on a number of different people.

The online court records site for Harris County, TX is divided into eight areas where you can search for public records on people:

  1. Civil & Family Court Record Search
  2. Criminal Record Search
  3. Background Checks
  4. Historical Records Lookup
  5. Party Inquiry
  6. Trial Judgments
  7. Special Minutes
  8. Court Dockets
Harris County, Texas Court Records
The civil court records search for Harris County, Texas.

Civil & Family Court Records

You can search civil and family court records in Harris County by using several different search criteria, including: case number, a person’s full name ( plaintiff or defendant ), case type, or tax ID number.

Some of the things that can be found on this search are lawsuits, divorce records, court judgments, and and other civil court cases. There are also court document search tips to help you find the public court records that you are looking for in Harris County.

Criminal Court Records

You can find criminal court records on people by searching the case number, or the defendant’s name, age and aliases.

Criminal information on the Harris County court site includes personal details that can help you identify the person, like: birth date, height, build, eye color and hair color.

There are a number of court documents that can be viewed for each person’s criminal case, such as grand jury indictments, pleadings, motions, decisions, prior criminal history and judgments.

Background Check Search

The Harris County court search also has a section where you can lookup a person’s county criminal records by full name, birth date or case number. This background check search will only return criminal records for Harris County, Texas. Search results will not include any federal, county or local criminal records outside of Harris County.

Historical Records Lookup

The historical document search lets you lookup past legal documents in Harris County by document type going all the way back to the year 1837.

Other Court Searches for Harris County

As we mentioned before, there are other ways that you can search for public records on the Harris County court site. You can do a “party inquiry” with someone’s full name. In addition, you can also search for trial judgments, special court minutes and the court’s docket of cases.

Anyone can use the court records search on the Harris County, Texas site for free, but you do need to register using your name and a valid email address. Once you are registered on the site, you are free to search the court records as often as you like.

If you need to do background research on a person who lives in or around Harris County, Texas, this site is a valuable tool.