The Superpages Phone Book Search

SuperpagesSuperpages is another internet phone book site like Whitepages and AnyWho, where you can search for contact information on people using a full name search, reverse phone number lookup or reverse residential address lookup.

For the most part, Superpages is focused on the local business search market, and their site is a combination of yellow pages and Yelp-like business reviews. However, Superpages does offer a free online white pages search as well.

We haven’t had a chance to use the Superpages phone book site in awhile, so we decided to test it out to see if there is still any good free contact information to be found on their searches.

As with most internet phone book sites, Superpages offers three free ways to find information on people:

  1. White Pages Search
  2. Reverse Phone Number Lookup
  3. Reverse Street Address Search

The White Pages Search on Superpages

The main way to lookup someone on Superpages is by entering their full name and location into the white pages search. Search results can include the person’s street address, phone number and age range.

The White Pages Search Results:

We tested the phone book search on the Superpages site using the names and locations of ten people that we know. Out of the ten searches that we ran, two of the searches returned no listings, and eight of the searches returned a correct address and/or phone number information for the person.

So overall, you can still find some current contact information on people for free by using the white pages lookup on Superpages. However, it should be noted that although it is still possible to find a current street address for someone on Superpages, finding a current phone number for people is getting more difficult.

If you want more detailed information on a person, the search results on Superpages also shows listings for premium information on people that costs a fee to access.

The Phone Number Lookup on Superpages

Like any good internet white pages site, Superpages has a free reverse phone search that you can use to find the person that is associated with a particular phone number. We tested the Superpages phone lookup with 15 different phone numbers for people that we know to see how good the search results are.

The Reverse Phone Lookup Results:

We tested 15 phone numbers using the reverse phone lookup on Superpages and got mixed results. Only 4 out of the 15 phone numbers that we looked up on Superpages returned the names of the people who owned the number, and these 4 phone numbers were all landline phone numbers that have been in use for years by these people.

The other 11 phone numbers that we searched on Superpages only returned phone carrier information ( Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc. ) along with a Google map for the geographic area that the phone number is associated with.

As with other free reverse phone number searches, Superpages generally is not very useful when trying to find a person who is associated with a given cell phone number.

The Address Search on Superpages

Superpages also has a reverse lookup for residential street addresses that you can use to find the person or people who are likely living at the address. However, this search is really only reliable in situations where the person has been living at the address for an extended period of time and hasn’t moved recently to a different location.

The Reverse Address Lookup Results:

We looked up a number of addresses for people that we know using the address search on Superpages, and we had good results. However, all of the addresses that we searched were for people who had been at that location for a long time, usually for decades. Trying to use the address lookup on Superpages for people who have recently moved is not nearly as reliable.