Software Can Record All Communications on Your Office PC

This recent blog posting on the Wichita Eagle web site discusses a new software program that employers can use to record all communications made from your office PC, including your use of any personal email sites like Yahoo; instant messaging programs or VOIP programs.

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There is no privacy in the workplace computer.

If you are convinced the folks in IT enjoy reading your e-mail, they will soon have even more to keep them entertained. Your company may be getting new software to capture every screen you ever pulled up — and it’s perfectly legal. Thanks to executives who brought down companies like Enron and WorldCom, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was created requiring every publicly traded company to maintain electronic records of all information passing through a company system.

British computer company Chronicle Solutions has created software designed for businesses that will capture every e-mail (including your personal Yahoo account), all instant messages, Web pages viewed, and voice-over IP phone calls. It’s a sort of TiVo, or digital video recorder, for the business world.

Any information obtained through your company’s modem is downloaded and saved, able to be pulled up by request for years to come. Companies are required to store it on tape or another server for future access.

So beware of system breaches. If the backup tape is misplaced, you may find your presumed private conversation with your Friday night poker buddy a top-rated hit on the Internet.