Identity Plan For Cell Phone Cards to Fight Fraud

Shanghai Daily is reporting that the Chinese government is planning to require prepaid cell phone users to register their identity in an effort to fight cell phone-related crimes and fraud.

From the article —

CHINA may soon require more than 200 million prepaid cell phone users to register with mobile operators by showing their identity documents, the Ministry of Information Industry said yesterday.

The “real identity” policy, which has been effective in Shanghai since September last year, would require new handset buyers nationwide to produce identity documents before they’re given a phone.

“We hope to issue the regulations on mobile card registration by the end of this year,” said Wang Lijian, a ministry spokesman. He declined to reveal details about the policy.

The new regulation would be the latest move in the nation’s fight against unsolicited advertisements, fake educational certificates and bank fraud via short messages.

Except in Shanghai, China’s residents can obtain mobile phone service without providing personal details if they chose prepaid card services, making it difficult to capture those involved in phone-related scams.

Source: ID plan for cell phone cards