The Best Free People Search Engines Online

2010 has seen a lot of people search, background check and public records sites launched on the internet.

Some of the people search sites online are very good, many are nothing more than a waste of time and money.

To help you find a person from your past that you may be looking for, we have created a list of our favorite online people search engines. Some of these people finder sites are new and some are old, but all of them provide good people search records for free or at minimal cost.

I have personally used every one of the people search sites that I recommend in this post and have been successful at finding a number of people with the searches listed below.

The Best Free People Search Engine Sites
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Whitepages is an online directory assistance search that has been around longer than most other people searches. pulls people records from numerous sources and contains millions of people search records. The site now incorporates public records and social network profiles into their people search as well as 411 people search data.


The ZabaSearch people finder is another older but decent people search engine. The site does a very good job of providing a range of people records to search from, but their people search results are somewhat unorganized and often require a lot of review to pinpoint relevant information. Nevertheless, ZabaSearch should still be a useful part of any people search efforts.


Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. As such, the Facebook people search is a great free tool for looking up a person from your past. There are currently over 500 million people on Facebook, making it likely that the person you are searching for is there already.

Even private investigators, police and lawyers use the Facebook people search to locate people and do background checks and research on a people.


The LinkedIn people finder is a great way to search for a person who has some professional/business background. There are millions of people listed on LinkedIn along with much of their academic and professional background on display in their profiles.


BeenVerified’s people search, public records and background check site is a great site for finding a person as well as public records. The site charges a minimal monthly fee, but basic people searches are free. This is a great and inexpensive site to find people and do background checks on.


People Smart is a fee based people search engine that is new. The site charges a minimal membership fee, but, like Been Verified, basic people searches are free. I recently used People Smart’s free people search records to locate a person for someone that they had lost contact with 44 years ago.

The People Smart search is definitely worth trying.


123 People search is a free person search that returns results for 411 people records, public records, news and social network profile data.

123 People search is a great free people search, but the display of the free results can be overwhelming and too general.


The Spokeo people search has managed to generate its fair share of controversy. Everyone from Attorney’s General to privacy advocates have denounced it as dangerous.

However, the information you can find on this newer people search is just an aggregation of the same personal data you can find on many social networks and public records sites.

The difference being that Spokeo’s people search brings much of it together and makes it searchable from one site. The site includes reverse email and reverse phone number people searches as well.


Any discussion of a good people search site has to include the almighty Google search engine. Although, Google is not specifically a people search engine, the huge amount of information that Google has indexed has made it a go-to site for doing people searches and background research on someone.

** In addition to the people search sites we have listed here, other good options for finding a person include: Twitter, MySpace and other social media and social network searches.