DC Police Using GPS To Track Young Criminals

Washington DC’s juvenile justice department is testing a criminal finder program that attaches GPS devices to the ankles of the young criminals that are released back into the city.

The department has a contract with a company called Satellite Tracking of People to handle to criminal tracking system.

Satellite Tracking of People is the same company used by DC’s adult probation department to track adult criminals.

The GPS people tracking system runs about $12 per day for each person that is tracked.

According to a department spokesman about 200 GPS tracking devices have been purchased by the department. The department wouldn’t give out any numbers as to how many people are currently being tracked with the system.

The GPS people tracking system lets criminal case managers monitor their young parolees and verify that they are where they are supposed to be 24 hours a day.

The people tracking system can also be used to monitor people on house arrest. If a person is not where they are supposed to be their case manager is notified immediately through e-mail.