Twin Brothers Reunited After 70 Years Of Separation

Lucian George Reunion
Lucian Poznanski & George Skrzynecky

In 1946, George Skrzynecky and his twin brother Lucian Poznanski were separated shortly after their birth because their biological mother was too sick to care for them.

Their mother was a Polish woman who had just been released from a German work camp at the end of World War II when the twins were born.

The two boys, now age 69, were adopted by two different families in Poland and grew up not knowing that each other existed.

At the age of 17, George found out that he had been adopted and discovered that he had a twin brother named Lucian who had been adopted by another family. In the 1960s, George started searching for Lucian, enlisting the help of the American Red Cross, but his efforts to find his twin brother were unsuccessful at that time.

George eventually left Poland and moved the the United States thinking he would never find his brother Lucian, who continued living in their native country of Poland.

In 2014, Lucian found out that he had a twin brother after receiving some family information about his biological mother. That was when he learned that George had been adopted by another family.

Lucian told BBC news that he was in total shock to find out that he had a twin brother after all of these years of not knowing.

Lucian filed a family search request with the Family Links service at the American Red Cross, whose volunteers search for family members that have been separated by major events.

Nearly 70 years later, George and Lucian have finally been reunited thanks to the family search efforts of the Red Cross’ Restoring Family Links service.

George recently traveled back to Poland to reunite with Lucian. The brothers reunited at the Warsaw airport where Lucian was waiting for George.

George told news reporters that you can’t change what happened in the past, but the best thing is that they were able to finally find each other, celebrate their reunion and look to the future.

In addition to reuniting George and Lucian, the American Red Cross was able to find documents about their family history, including information in a lost letter about their biological father.

It turns out that their father was an American soldier during WWII who had returned to the United States before they were born.

In addition, the two men learned that their mother, Elizabeth Janowska, had tried to find them after their adoptions, but her search was unsuccessful when it ran into government and bureaucratic red tape.

To find out more about how the Red Cross can help you search for, find and reunited with separated family members, visit their site at American Red Cross Family Linking Service.