Burner App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Burner Phone

Burner AppA “burner phone” is a pre-paid, disposable mobile phone that people use to hide their identity, location and business activity from law enforcement and others.  People are often shown using burner phones in popular crime shows and spy movies.

Now there is an app called “Burner” that can take your smartphone and turn it into a burner phone. In fact, it can turn your smartphone into multiple burner phones.

Burner can give your iPhone or Android smartphone one or more temporary numbers which can be used for as long as you need the number to be active for sending and receiving phone calls as well as text and photo messages.

Burner phone numbers also come with their own voicemail service as well.

After downloading the app and signing up, you can purchase a temporary phone number in any United States area code for a few dollars. Burner also works in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Burner allows you to make and receive calls with your temporary numbers for as long as you choose to keep the numbers active. In addition, Burner guarantees that your temp numbers and your real cell phone number will not show up on caller ID while using the app.

Your temporary phone number can be discarded whenever you choose and you can start using a new Burner numbers whenever you want.

Although Burner numbers could be used for nefarious activities by cheating spouses, stalkers, drug dealers or other criminals, the app’s creators say that there are numerous legitimate uses for Burner.

Burner phone numbers could be used for offline and online dating, if you would prefer not to give out your real number to someone that you have never met or someone that you don’t know very well.

Burner phone numbers can also be used when buying or selling goods and services through online marketplaces like Craigslist, Etsy or eBay.

This app could really come in handy for skip tracers and private investigators, who may need a temporary alternate phone number for doing people tracing and investigative work over the phone.

In addition, just the added privacy and anonymity that Burner offers users in our online, socially-networked world is of great benefit.

Apps like Burner make it less risky to give out contact information to an unknown person who may be a fraud, crank or a criminal.

However, before you think about using this app for anything unlawful, remember that your Burner account number is your real phone number and a court order would likely reveal your user history with the service.

The Burner app is free to download and try for 7 days, however there are various paid options needed if you want to continue to use the service.

Burner plans start at $2.00 for 20 minutes of phone calls and 60 text messages and go up from there.

So far, reviews for the Burner phone app have been very positive with the app getting an average of 4.0+ stars from both Apple iPhone and Android smart phone user reviews.