Woman Reunites With Birth Mother After 55 Years

Ellen Parker & Audrey Nichols
Adoptee Ellen Parker is reunited with her birth mother Audrey Nichols

Ellen Parker, 55,  is an adoptee who was raised in New York by her adoptive parents.  Ellen spent much of her life believing that her adopted mother and father were her biological parents.

Ellen did not find out that she was adopted until after her adopted mother died in 2007. Ellen was shocked when she found out from a neighbor that she had been adopted.

Ellen said that at first she did not believe what the neighbor had told her. After she found out that her parents were not her birth parents, her whole life changed and she decided to find her birth mother.

Ellen spent a lot of time and effort trying to find her birth mother.

Nine years ago, Ellen finally found her birth mother, Audrey Nichols, 73, after spending years searching for her. Now, the mother and daughter have finally been reunited in person after 55 years apart.

Last week, Audrey traveled from her home in Palm Beach, Florida to Sky Harbor, Arizona, where Ellen lives, for a mother-daughter reunion. Audrey also met her two grandsons, Michael and Robert, for the first time

Audrey said that she can’t thank God enough for the chance to see her daughter again. She said that she has been hoping for the chance to see her child for decades, but didn’t believe that it would ever happen.

Audrey was not allowed to see the child or even know the child’s gender, when she gave birth to Ellen. Ellen was taken away by attendants right at her birth and immediately put up for adotion.

Audrey said that she is thankful that Ellen never gave up her search and that she finally found her. Ellen and Audrey have discovered that they both look alike and they both share a love for sushi and Native American art.