Badoo’s ‘Selfie Request’ Combats Online Dating Fraud

BadooYou never know whether or not the person you are talking to online is the real deal or not, or if their profile photos are current or even authentic.

According to research, over 50 percent of people who use online dating sites claim that they have encountered other people who have faked their profile information.

Badoo is one of the online dating companies that is actively trying to solve some of the problems that plague people who use online dating sites and apps. Some of these problems include catfishing scams and fake profile registrations.

The company has implemented things like photo verification tools and social media tools to help authenticate the online dating profiles that are registered on their site. In addition, Badoo is now offering an ingenious “Selfie Request” tool to help curtail problems that are caused when people register fake or dishonest online dating profiles.

Badoo is the largest online dating network in the world. According to the company, the two most important online dating issues that concern their female users are safety and ease of use. To that end, Badoo has started offering a number of creative solutions to help women avoid some of the dangers and hassles associated with using online dating sites

One of the things that Badoo has started to offer female members of their online dating service is the “Selfie Request.” The Selfie Request allows female users to send male users a request for an instant, up-to-date selfie. The male can either respond to the request by rejecting it or by sending the requester a new, up-to-date selfie from their mobile device through Badoo.

The Selfie Request is designed to help make online dating safer for women by fighting catfishing scams and helping women verify that a male Badoo profile is legitimate. Sending a selfie request is as simple as clicking a button on the Badoo site.

Badoo also offers people the option to request and share their verified social media profiles with one another on the Badoo network. This is one more way for people to authenticate themselves and verify other people before getting more involved with a person.

Back in April, Badoo started offering a photo verification service that lets users submit an instant selfie to Badoo that is then verified by photo reviewers for authenticity. There are currently over 100,000 people who use Badoo’s photo verification service every day.

Badoo also offers a video option that allows people to share and watch videos of each other to further authenticate the people who use Badoo’s dating services. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth many times that.

Badoo has been in the online dating game for over 10 years and has almost 320 million people worldwide who use their online dating services. The company reports that over 400,000 new people register profiles on the Badoo online dating network every day.

That adds up to a lot of people for Badoo to verify!