Post Your People Search on is a free people search that allows users to post information about the person they are looking for to the website.

Your people search post on will then get submitted to the major search engines in the hope that the person you are looking for or someone they know will find your post and respond.

This is a very passive people search, and I wouldn’t rely on it as the only way to find a person, but it could be one more tool to consider when trying to find someone.

UBFound’s people search service is like a modern day message in a bottle. They broadcast your people search online through the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, hoping that the person you are looking for or someone who knows them finds you through a web search.

Using UBFound’s people search service along with other people finder tools, both online and offline, would definitely be the way to go when looking for someone.

You can visit UBFound’s site at