MySpace Tip Helps Mother Find Missing Son

The Associated Press is reporting on a very unique missing persons story that had a happy ending thanks to an anonymous tip sent on

Tiffany Rubin found her abducted son Kobe Lee after she received an anonymous tip through her MySpace page. Someone spotted her 7-year-old son along with her ex-boyfriend in South Korea and contacted her throught the popular social networking website.

Tiffany caught a flight to South Korea on Sunday. She then sneaked into her son’s school, found him in class, disguised him with a wig and sought refuge in the U.S. Embassy before she brought him home Wednesday.

She had been looking for her son since Aug. 21, after her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Salko took off with him after a visit.

At the time of the abduction, her boyfriend had joint custody of Kobe Lee, but was facing six months in jail for not paying child support.

After he ex disappeared with her son, Rubin feared that Salko, born in South Korea, had taken the boy out of the country.

Her fears were realized when she hacked into Salko’s e-mail account, where she found an e-mail he had sent to a friend saying he was flying to South Korea.

The FBI issued a warrant for Salko’s arrest, but Rubin didn’t get her lucky break until January.

She received a message on her MySpace page from a person who had seen her son and knew where he went to school.

Shortly after, she flew to South Korea with Miller and Bazzel Baz, chief executive officer of the nonprofit Association for the Recovery of Children, to find Kobe.

Rubin explained who she was to her son’s teacher and said she needed to speak with him. Then she walked out of the building with Kobe and took a cab to the American embassy.

The next day, Tiffany and Kobe returned home.

The FBI is currently working with South Korean authorities to have Salko arrested and extradited.