Google Announces US Government Search Engine

According to an Associated Press article, search engine giant Google has launched a search engine that acts as a one stop search for all US Government sites. The site will probably rival or even beat the US Government’s own search engine FirstGov.

From the article —

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Internet search engine Google wants to be a top source of information from the federal government.

The company plans to announce a new product today that aims to be a one-stop site for searching the Web sites of government agencies.

It’s called Google U.S. Government Search, and it targets federal employees who are heavy users of government Web sites.

It’s on the Web at

The site could go up against the government-sponsored site, which targets the same audience and is powered by Microsoft’s MSN system. But Google officials say the new search engine should complement Firstgov without directly competing.

It is also designed to help citizens navigate the Web to get the government information they need with customized pages.

The search engine will also deliver information from commercial sources such as The Washington Post and CNN.