Employers Googling Job Candidates

A recent article by Robert Paul Reyes from Men’s News Daily warns about the potential for employers and recruiters to Google you, as well as check your online profiles and blogs on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

From the article —

It’s not just busybodies who are “researching” people using the Internet, recruiters and headhunters are also “Googling” their candidates. They peruse popular online gathering places like MySpace.com and Facebook.com to glean information about prospective employees.

If you are looking for a new job, maybe you should update your MySpace profile and remove any references to drugs and promiscuous sex.

You can have the most professional resume in the world, but if your MySpace profile states that your hobbies are streaking, smoking weed, cheating on your taxes and picking up hoochies, you can forget about landing a decent job.

Many people maintain blogs on the Net, where they publish controversial and even incendiary views. We enjoy freedom of speech, but remember that your political thoughts may be read by the person who will interview you for that fantastic job you’ve been hoping to get.

We need to keep it mind that our profiles in popular Web portals like MySpace are not private journals, they are posted in public venues visited by millions of people. Just imagine that your priest or your boss is looking over your shoulder the next time you make an entry in your MySpace Web page.

If you’ve been angling for a cool new job, just remember: Your credit history and police record will be checked AND you will be Googled!