Florida International University Phonebook & People Finder

If you are trying to find a person who is employed by Florida International University, they have an online phonebook where you can find people who work for the university. You can use the FIU phonebook to search for people by name, phone number extension or department.

FIU is currently the fourth largest university in the United States and over 50,000 people attend the university. In addition, a lot of people work for the university. So if you want to lookup a person who works at FIU, their online phonebook is a good place to start.

Search results on the FIU people finder include a person’s full name, department, phone number, work address, email address and professional title. This contact information on people can help you find a person who works at Florida International University.

Some FIU departments also offer a people search to lookup students, but you need a password to search for students by name. There does not appear to be a university-wide people search for students at FIU.

To search for a person on the FIU phonebook, visit the URL below.