Spokeo’s People Search Angels

Spokeo, the popular people search and public records site, is done accepting nominations from people for their 2017 “Search Angels” awards. Their annual Search Angels award recognizes people search and public record research volunteers who help reunite people with long-lost family members.

Spokeo has been recognizing their people search angels for the past four years. So far, ten people have been recognized as search angels by the company.

People who live in the U.S. can nominate someone who helps other people find their birth family or other long-lost family members. This year’s deadline for people search angel nominees was May 4th, 2017. who have volunteered their time to this cause until May 4. Eligible nominees must currently volunteer their people search help to others without being paid for their time and services.

Spokeo has a Search Angel Committee that is made up of people from the genealogy, people search, public records and adoption professions that picks up to three people as their search angels. Chosen search angels receive a cash award, a free annual subscription to the Spokeo people search service as well as other assistance for their search and volunteer work.

As far as we know, Spokeo is the only people finder site that offers this type of recognition to people search volunteers. You can find out more about Spokeo’s people search angels at the web address below.