2010 People Search Of The Year – Facebook

Time Magazine has named Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as their 2010 Person of the Year.

We think Facebook’s friend and people finder search is 2010’s “People Search of the Year”.

Over 550 million people now use Facebook to search the web, communicate with friends and family as well as find people from their past like classmates, coworkers etc.

Amazingly, one out of every twelve people on the planet now have a Facebook account and 700,000 people a day register for personal profiles on the site, making Facebook the most powerful people search on the planet.

In fact, Facebook’s people search is so good that it is used by private investigators, law enforcement, skip tracers and other people finders to search for people and do background research on individuals.

Numerous people have used Facebook’s people finder search to locate past friends and family and reunite with them. Almost daily there is a new personal story about how people have successfully found family and friends using the people search on Facebook.

In addition, the large number of people and personal data on Facebook has spawned a new generation of people search engines like Spokeo.com, PeopleSmart.com as well as other people finder sites that get some of their people data from Facebook and other social networks. Even people search results on Whitepages.com now include people profiles from social networks.

Facebook’s public people profiles have even made name searches on Google even better. Doing a people search by name on Google will often return a person’s Facebook profile in the search results.

In about seven years, Facebook has connected one twelfth of people on Earth within one website and made it easy for them to find and communicate with other people.

Almost half of people in the US have a Facebook profile, making it an even better US people search. When searching for a person in the US you have around a fifty percent chance of finding them with Facebook’s people finder search.

The next time you are trying to find a person, try Facebook’s people search and person finder. It is likely that the person or people you are trying to find are already on Facebook and can be found with a simple search.

Other notable people search sites include:

WhitePages.com – Whitepages people search as well as reverse people search by phone number or address.

Spokeo.com – a people search engine that uses social network profiles and other public records to help you find people. Spokeo also has an excellent reverse people search by email address.

PeopleSmart.com – a new and powerful people search that helps you locate people through public records data. People Smart also has very good reverse people searches by phone number, address or email address.

BeenVerified.com – another good public records based people search engine.

ZabaSearch.com – one of the original people search engines and still a good choice to find a person.

The rise in Facebook and other social networks as well as the growing number of online public record searches has made 2010 a great year to find someone through an online people search. Good luck with your people searches in the new year!