Find Out What Acxiom’s Data Mine Knows About You

Have you ever wanted to know what one of the big public records aggregators and data providers like ChoicePoint, Accurint or Acxiom knows about you?

When you apply for a job, security clearance or even an apartment, the company or organization will often do a background check on you as a precondition for employment etc.

Acxiom, one of the largest public records data providers to government and business, has announced that they will allow the general public to view their data profile from Acxiom.

The new Acxiom service is called I-Check. The self-background check is billed as a low-cost, confidential and thorough background check tool for individuals who want to find out just what personal information Acxiom has on them in their vast data mines of public records and consumer profiles.

Acxiom’s web-based background check allows people to view their personal data online confidentially as well as control access to the results of their personal background check.

People can also decide whether or not to share the information with potential employers etc.

Acxiom claims that access to personal information is assured by a real-time verification system, called “Acxiom Identify-X”, that can accurately identify the person requesting the background check.

Users can access their personal background check on the Acxiom site with a password and can control their screening information. People can also choose to share the password with potential employers or other organizations to review the results.

According to Acxiom’s CPP: “This is information that is not available through traditional Internet searches.”

He further noted that: “This service gives consumers more of a say in the process while also protecting the safety and integrity of the employer or organization. This is a real background check – the same that an employer would order for an applicant.”

You can visit the Acxiom I-Check site at