BeenVerified iPhone App For Background Checks

Need to do a background check? There’s an iPhone app for that!

A new iPhone app lets you run background checks on people for free.

The BeenVerified app will do a background check and send the results to your mobile phone.

All of the information provided by BeenVerified is pulled from existing public records sources and, therefore, is totally legal for people to access.

BeenVerified is a free iPhone app that can run a background check on someone, using a name email address. BeenVerified also allows people to run background checks the contacts from their iPhone address book with one click.

The BeenVerified app allows users to view a person’s criminal records, property records, family information and even searches the web for social network profiles and photos.

The BeenVerified application is free to download and lets users run three free background checks per week.

Users who want to run more than 3 background checks a week are required to register for a BeenVerified account that provides unlimited background checks for $8 per month.

For more information or to test out the BeenVerified app, you can visit their website @ BeenVerified.

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