Search Engines Go Web 2.0

Will the next generation of the web’s top search engines be human-created, social networks, like; mathematical algorithm-based, like Google, or a combination of both?

This recent CNET News article discusses the search possibilities and the future of search engine results.

From the article —

In an acknowledgement that some questions may be better answered by a human than a search engine algorithm, Yahoo, Microsoft and others are embracing so-called social search.

Social search generally refers to a Web site or service that relies on the participation of a community to come up with answers to specific questions or to provide links to Web sites or other resources of common interest.

Don’t bet on social search usurping the algorithm, say experts. But it’s likely social-search answers will provide a strong second option to mathematical results.

“Ultimately, it’s likely that a combination of algorithmic search and the various types of social-search systems will fuse into a hybrid that will work really well for satisfying a wide variety of information needs,” Search Engine Watch Executive Editor Chris Sherman concluded in a recent blog posting titled “What’s the Big Deal With Social Search?”

You can read the entire article @ Internet search gets Web 2.0 style.