Mark Cuban Advises Parents on Researching MySpace

Web billionaire Mark Cuban is advising parents on how to better research what their children do with their MySpace accounts and other online activities.

From a recent Forbes article —

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban has something to say about everything. So as the parent of a young’un, it stands to reason he’s got some opinions on that obsession of youth, MySpace.

The Internet billionaire, who made his fortune in 1999 by selling his streaming firm to Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO – news – people ), recently weighed in on the social networking Web site now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. (nyse: NWS – news – people ).

On his blog, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks noted that his little girl is a mere 2.5 year-old stripling: “Not old enough, yet, to have a MySpace page. Not quite anyway.” But some of his friends have offspring within range, and are “concerned” about how large their children’s Web footprints might be, wanting to know if their kids “are on there, if they are being talked about, if they are referred to in any way, or if their friends, schools or associates are.”

Despite confusion and technophobia, Mom and Pop can indeed find that out.

The entire article is available @ Mark Cuban Advises Parents Re Searching MySpace.