This Surveillance Device Steals Your Digital Life

Rayzone’s Interapp Device

There is a new surveillance technology that can literally steal your entire digital life without you ever finding out what happened.

Interapp is a surveillance device that can be used by police and government intelligence agents to zero in on nearby smart phones and access the user’s social media profiles, cloud storage accounts, phone apps, text messages and emails.

This powerful surveillance tool looks like just an ordinary black wireless router box.

The Interapp device is manufactured and sold by the Rayzone Group, a surveillance equipment company based in Israel, and is described by the company as an “Apps and Cloud Interception System.”

The new surveillance gadget made its debut at a surveillance trade show in Paris, France last month and has since been written about by both Forbes Magazine and the Motherboard blog.

According to the Rayzone site –

InterApp is a game changing tactical intelligence system, developed for intelligence and law enforcement agencies, enabling them to stealthily collect information from the cloud using smartphone application vulnerabilities.

Interapp is able to collect personal data from any nearby smart phone user without their permission, as long as the user has an open WIFI transmitter on their phone.

The Rayzone Group claims that Interapp can collect email accounts, online logins, stored files, social network profiles, files stored on Dropbox, GPS location history, address books, digital pictures, web browser history along with technical specs like the phone’s MAC address, phone model and operating system.

What’s more, the device reportedly requires very little training and no technical abilities for the surveillance agents who use it and leaves no digital information on targeted user’s phone.

One Interapp box can monitor hundreds of smart phones at the same time and multiple Interapp devices can be used to monitor large public areas, such as airports, shopping malls, stadiums or demonstration and protest sites.

Some privacy experts say that Interapp appears to offer new surveillance technology, but some security experts wonder if the device can live up to the claims made by the Rayzone Group.

According to the Rayzone Group site, Interapp works by exploiting vulnerabilities in smartphone WIFI options and mobile applications.

In other words, Interapp is only as good as the smartphone bugs that it claims to exploit and these bugs are constantly changing with new software updates.

It is important to remember that a smartphone user does not have to be actively surfing the web for Interapp to steal their personal information. As long as the phone has the open WIFI connection enabled, Interapp can secretly collect and save their digital information.

Security and privacy experts have been warning people for a long time about the dangers of leaving the WIFI option enabled on their phones when they are out in public. Surveillance devices like Interapp make their mobile security warning more relevant now than ever.