Google, CIA Fund Startup To Monitor Internet

This just in from’s Danger Room blog: Google and the CIA are working together to monitor people on the internet real-time in order to predict people’s actions and behaviors as well as events.

The report states that both the Central Intelligence Agency and Google are backing a company called Recorded Future.

Recorded Future monitors the web in real-time and uses the information to predict the future.

Recorded Future can search and analyze many thousands of sites, blogs and Twitter updates to identify connections between people, groups, behaviors and events.

The company claims to use a “temporal analytics engine” that far surpasses modern search technology.

Recorded Future harnesses the chatter of online people and crowds to get insight into future events.

They measure each incident to find out who was involved, where it happened or when it could happen.

This collection of online buzz is then graphed to show the “momentum” for events.

According to the company’s CEO, Chris Ahlberg, “The cool thing is, you can actually predict the curve, in many cases,”

Although Google has funded spy technology before, this is believed to be the first time that the CIA and Google have invested in the same company at the same time.

Both the CIA and Google have shown an increase in interest in mining “open source intelligence” and public information that is accessible to all, but is often covered in the constant barrage of television news, newspaper articles, blog updates, Twitter posts, web videos and other media updates.

Former CIA-director General Michael Hayden told a group of people in 2008 that “there’s a real satisfaction in solving a problem or answering a tough question with information that someone was dumb enough to leave out in the open”.

While Recorded Future analyses the real-time web to make predictions, they also store an index with over 100 million events.

Ahlberg told, “We are right there as it happens We can assemble actual real-time dossiers on people.”

Recorded Future currently maintains a blog devoted to Intelligence Analytics at

The CIA’s In-Q-Tel and Google Ventures both have seats on Recorded Future’s corporate board.

The news of Google’s new intel venture follows recent privacy issues involving the company. Concerns about how Google collects and uses its collection of search data.

Google collects and retains a mountain of personal data on every detail of people’s online search and browsing activities.

You can watch a Recorded Future demo below:

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