Australia Creating Facial Recognition Database of Citizens

The Australian government has been busy mapping the facial features of adult citizens that will be stored in a government database and used with facial recognition software to identify and track people on public surveillance cameras.

Until now, few Australians were aware that their facial features were being mapped and stored in a central database of drivers license pictures that the Government is sharing with state and federal police.

Facial recognition experts claim successful match rates are around 90 percent, causing concerns that the names of people with faces that have a similar structure to recorded criminals could be misidentified.

Australian police want to use facial recognition in smart CCTV cameras that would make it easy to track people on public surveillance cameras.

Some airports already use face recognition tools and there has been talk of the US using the technology at border crossing checkpoints.

The Australian government began building the facial recognition database last December.

Government officials say the database will eventually be shared with other government departments.

[ Source: Daily Telegraph ]