Twitter Network Could Be Used By Terrorists

A recent military intelligence report draft from the U.S. Army’s 304 Military Intelligence Battalion Open Source Intelligence Team warns that the Twitter social network could be used as a communication tool for terrorists planning an attack.

The report outlines three possible scenarios where terrorists could use the Twitter social networking tool, citing the use of Twitter by activists during the Republican National Convention to update each other on police activity as well as Hezbollah-organized Twitter feeds as examples of how the popular social network has already been used by radical groups for communication.

The three possible Twitter terrorist scenarios listed in the report include:

1. The use of cell phones with a Google maps/Twitter mash-up to plot where they are, terrorists could use the Twitter social network to communicate in near-real time with updatea about troop locations and movements.

2. One terrorist has two cell phones — one for Twitter updates and another which is connected to an explosive device or a “suicide vest.” A second terrorist also has two cell phones — one for Twitter updates and the other to detonate the bomb. They could communicate using Twitter to synchronize the “exact” time for an attack.

3. A terrorist uses the Twitter account of a member of the US military. The terrorist gets information out of the target and uses it for identity theft, hacking or physical attacks.

You can read the report below: