Social Maps Let People Publish their Favorite Locations & Hangouts Online

We never cease to be amazed at the numerous ways Web 2.0 creators are coming up with to allow people to share more and more personal information online with the entire world. We also never cease to be amazed at how many people are willing to put their lives and personal information on display for others to search and see.

A growing, new network of social maps and atlases allows people to share their favorite hangouts and locations online; making it likely that savvy investigators, people search professionals as well as legal and law enforcement types will be monitoring these sites with interest as they grow in popularity.

From a recent article in PC World on Social Maps and Atlases —

No plain-vanilla mapping site knows your favorite haunts as well as you do. New online services tap that information by enabling you to share your knowledge and memories of your most beloved locales–in your hometown or on the other side of the globe–with the rest of the world. I looked at five of these services: Flagr, 43 Places, Platial, Plazes, and Wayfaring.

Built on conventional mapping data from services such as Google Maps, these sites let you add digital pushpins that link to personal descriptions of the locations.

You can read the entire article @ Social Atlas Sites Let You Map Your Life.