Social Networking Meets Online Dating at Gelato

Online dating site Gelato is fast becoming the Facebook & Twitter of singles sites.

Gelato mixes social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others with real-time search into it’s online dating site to give people a new way to find a date.

The idea behind Gelato’s social dating 2.0 site is to give people insights into a potential date by allowing them to search for people based on their Facebook updates, Twitter tweets, Flickr pictures etc.

Gelato users simply sign up for an account and connect it to their Facebook or Twitter profiles, then users answer some typical demographic questions common on dating sites like: relationship status, relationship interests, ethnicity, religion, politics etc.

The interesting mix to this new online dating site is users can then link a number of their other social networking and Web 2.0 accounts to Gelato, including: Netflix, Hulu, Flickr, Amazon, Pandora, and

In addition, people can specify public or restricted access to their network activity and updates on Gelato. All of your profile updates on the linked sites will appear in your Gelato “lifestream”. This personal information and potential date bait is then searchable by other Gelato users – as long as you have approved your feeds for public viewing.

Gelato users can then search Gelato for recent profile updates on any topic from entertainment to politics to find a like-minded mate or ( since opposites attract ) someone with totally different views and interests.

However, the only people you will find through a Gelato search will be other Gelato members who have agreed to open their social network updates and Web 2.0 feeds to the public.

If you are comfortable with allowing Gelato’s online dating site access to your Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu updates and feeds and other profile information, then Gelato may be a good option for finding your next date.

A real-time dating and love search. What will they think of next.

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