Facebook & Google Earth Being Used To Find War Criminals

Human rights activists are using a clever combination of Facebook and Google Earth to find wanted Darfur war criminals and bring them to justice.

A Facebook page has been created on the social networking website encouraging people to report the sightings of Ahmed Haroun and Ali Kushayb.

Both men were indicted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes a year ago.

Neither men have been captured and brought to justice.

Dr James Smith, chief executive of the Aegis Trust which set up the Wanted for War Crimes Watch List page on Facebook.com said “The men are suspected of hundreds of thousands of murders. Someone, somewhere, knows where they are.”

Google Earth and Google Maps are being used to map known movements of the two Sudanese men, each wanted on more than forty counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur.

The Watch List even lists Ahmed Haroun’s phone number and office address.

Mr Donovan stated “He isn’t a fugitive hiding in a cave somewhere, but a bland looking man in a suit, sitting behind a desk in Khartoum.”

Khartoum has refused to surrender Mr Kushayb and Mr Haroun to the Court.

Rather, Mr Haroun has been promoted to the position of Sudan’s Minister for Humanitarian Affairs. He is currently responsible for the welfare of the victims of his alleged crimes.

As well as having vast power over humanitarian operations, he is responsible for liaisons with the International UN/African Union peacekeeping force tasked with protecting civilians against such crimes.

The other suspect, Mr Kushayb, was in custody in Sudan on other charges at the time that the ICC warrants were issued, however, last October the Sudanese Government announced he had been released, reportedly due to ‘lack of evidence’.