Cyber Criminals Targeting Social Network Users

Computer security software vendor Symantec released an analysis of cyber crime activity for the 2nd half of 2007. Their findings show that two social networking sites together were the target of over 90 percent of U.S. phishing web sites. The two favorite social networks used by cyber criminals and phishers are, not surprisingly, and

Hijacked social networking pages are used to host malicious software ( known as “malware” ) or links to phishing web sites that are advertised in messages sent to all of the people in the victim’s social network.

Hackers like to steal user names and passwords for Myspace or Facebook accounts because spreading malware through stolen social network accounts is ideal since people are much more likely to click on a link recommended by someone from their circle of friends than they are a link that is sent in a message from an unknown person.

Online criminals are still mostly interested in stealing financial and personal information that can be resold to identity thieves or converted into cash. Data-stealing computer viruses are still one of the best ways to get that information from people.