Big Brother, Social Networks and Blog Spying

Watch what you do, Big Brother is watching your online social activities and blog. BusinessWeek has published an excellent article that discusses how everyone from scam arists and predators to the police and employers could be monitoring your social networking and blogging activities online. The article also discusses some telling personal horror stories and what social networkers and bloggers can do to protect their privacy.

From the article —

Social networker Shannon Sullivan was getting worried. Like all of her friends, she was spending much of her free time chatting, blogging, and sharing photos on the social-networking site, But soon, the 14-year-old high school freshman had divulged so much personal information online — from her address and phone number to her birth date and names of friends — that she no longer felt she could surf safely. So Sullivan did the unthinkable: she suspended her MySpace profile.

You can read the entire article @ Big Brother Is Reading Your Blog.

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