Rep’N Up “Cleans Up” Your Social Media Profiles

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It is estimated that at least 93 percent of employers and job recruiters look at applicants’ social media profiles before scheduling an interview; more than 30 percent of job applicants are weeded out due to questionable posts on their social media profiles and 41 perscent of social media users have 10 or more detrimental postings on their profiles.

A new social media monitoring and reputation management app is promising to help people clean up their social media profiles before an important job interview.

For people who are concerned about how their social media posts will appear to potential employers, “Rep’N Up” is an app that claims to  scan and scrub your potentially compromising posts on the big three social networks – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Rep’N Up creators, Lior Tal and Eran Borenstein, started work on the app in 2013 and have backgrounds in computer security and computer vision respectively. They used information from major job sites like Monster and Career Builder, Monster to find out what employers and job recruiters considered social media faux pas which helped them do background research for Rep’N Up.

According to Tal and Borenstein, pictures and posts on social media that include alcohol, aggressive behavior or full/partial nudity are red flags to potential employers.

According to Tal, employers and recruiters expect to find background information about you on social media sites before making a hiring decision and, if they find embarrassing pics and posts, it could cost you professionally. It is not uncommon nowadays for an HR representative to send people a friend request before an interview with their company.

Tal also noted that people need to have a social media presence and not having any profiles on social networks can negatively impact your  job search as well. When your social profiles are nonexistent or private, it can be a potential red flag to employers that you have something to hide.

Some studies have shown that up to 93% of employers and recruiters look at your social media profiles before they offer you an interview. HR professionals will often send a potential employee a friend request and it is estimated that up to 80% of people will accept friend requests from potential employers.

The best personal social media policy you can have is to be proactive and cautious about what you post online. If you are unsure about how a post will appear to a potential employer, it is best to not share it at all. When self-censoring your social media posts, it is important to always err on the side of caution. Make a conscious effort not to post to your social media accounts when you are intoxicated, angry or find yourself in any compromising situations.

Self-censoring is probably the hardest for younger people in the social media generation, many of whom see no problem posting every aspect of their lives online. Reputation management services and apps can really help those millennials who are blind to the professional consequences of too much sharing on social networks.

Rep’N Up can scan for images that contain nudity or alcohol as well as analyze posts for any spelling and grammar mistakes that could reflect poorly on a person’s communication skills. Poor communication skills can make it more difficult for people to get hired.

Rep’N Up is free to use for a basic analysis of your social media posts. The cost is $9.99 if you want to use the app to analyze images and pictures that you have posted to your online social profiles. However, the app is free for people who get five friends to use the service. Since companies are known to continously monitor their employees’ social media activities for the length of their employment, Rep’N Up will continue to monitor your social media profiles for as long as you allow it to.