Facebook At Work vs LinkedIn

Facebook at WorkA high-stakes showdown between social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn is set for 2016, when Facebook is expected to enter the professional social networking space with “Facebook at Work.”

LinkedIn has dominated the career-centered social media space for years, and now the world’s largest social network, Facebook, wants to take their spot in the workplace.

However, there is at least one main difference between LinkedIn and Facebook at Work: LinkedIn focuses on networking and collaboration between people from different companies and professions, while Facebook at Work will focus on building teamwork between people within the same organization or company.

The online job and professional market is estimated to be worth around $6 billion annually.

Facebook at Work will incorporate most of the tools already found on Facebook, such as “Likes”, feeds and chat services. However, Facebook at Work is aimed at professional collaboration between coworkers.

Profiles on Facebook at Work will be separate from profiles found on Facebook’s main social network and the news and activity that you share using a “Work” account will only be viewable by other people at your company.

In addition, Facebook at Work is will offer additional professional tools that will not be available elsewhere.

Since private company documents and information will be shared and stored on Facebook at Work, new data privacy and security features will be used to safeguard business and personal information on the site.

In January 2015, Facebook started beta-testing their professional social network as a free, invitation-only site for a  select group of companies and people.

There are currently 300+ companies using the beta-version of Facebook at Work.

Facebook’s main social network has over 1.5 billion regular users, while LinkedIn currently has over 400 million users.

If Facebook at Work can offer professional users something different and better than LinkedIn as well as attract users and companies from Facebook’s large user base, they could really disrupt LinkedIn’s business.

Once the service is ready in 2016, Facebook at Work will be open to all employees and all companies. Premium services will cost a couple of dollars per month per user. Premium memberships will offer customer service support, analytics and other user options.

Before a person can sign up and use Facebook at Work, their company or organization has to be registered with the service.