Search PeekYou To Find Someone Online is a free search site that lets you lookup information on someone by full name and location, username or phone number. PeekYou collects contact information, social media profiles and other personal information on people from a large number of internet sites.


PeekYou lets you find contact information and online profiles for friends, family members, classmates and coworkers from various internet sites like social media, news articles, blogs, white pages and public records. The site claims to use a patented people search algorithm that compiles online records and profiles on millions of people. The PeekYou search engine rates the probability of a web page being associated with a person’s name through social connections, and ranks their information based on that.

PeekYou Name Search

PeekYou’s name search tool lets you lookup someone by entering their full name and location in the search box. You can search for someone worldwide, in the entire USA, or you can choose a specific U.S. state.

PeekYou’s search results can include online pictures, social media profiles, personal postings, news articles, blog posts and other personally identifying information on someone. You can also find a persons’s biographical information, full and partial addresse(s), schools attended, and a list of personal interests.

PeekYou listings also include a “PeekScore,” which is a number from one to ten that ranks a person’s presence online. A low PeekScore means that someone has very little to no public presence on the internet.

PeekYou Reverse Phone Lookup

You can also use PeekYou to do a reverse search to lookup someone’s phone number. This allows you to find information on a phone number and the person it belongs to.

With so many people now having mobile phones, it is possible to uniquely identify a person based on their phone number. A reverse phone number search is now a very good way to identify someone and find information on them online.

PeekYou Username Search

You can also lookup someone’s username on PeekYou. Enter any username(s) that a person uses online to see what you can uncover about them and their online persona(s) on the PeekYou database.

PeekYou’s Privacy Policy

According to the privacy pledge that is posted on PeekYou’s site, they only index public information that is available on the internet; they abide by the user privacy settings on social media sites, and they offer an easy-to-use opt-out form online.

However, since PeekYou collects their people information from other websites, removing your personal information from PeekYou does not remove it from other websites that it appears on.

The PeekYou privacy policy also claims that the company will not purchase consumer data from social media sites, or collect people’s medical and financial records.

Traffic Ranking For PeekYou was launched in 2006 and has grown in popularity since that time to become one of the top sites for finding a person online. The PeekYou search engine has over a billion indexed pages about people in its database. At the time this article was written, PeekYou had a global Alexa traffic rank of around 35K and a U.S. traffic rank of about 12K. The site currently gets over 6 million visitors a month.