Web 2.0 For Spies and Intelligence Professionals

The US intelligence community is using Web 2.0 technology, including wikis, blogs, social networks and video sharing software, to speed up communication between people and agencies.

Wired.com is reporting on how US spies are already using their own internal version of Wikipedia called Intellipedia to share and collaborate on intelligence topics. US intelligence professionals routinely post and respond to classified blogs.

And now spies are using their own classified versions of YouTube called iVideo to post and view videos on military and intelligence issues.

The CIA’s Web 2.0 guru Sean Dennehy says “If someone in Tokyo has video that needs to get back to headquarters, they can upload it to this site and then it would be not only accessible to headquarters, but accessible to the entire network and then people could, using the comments, be able to start a discussion about that video and what the implications of that video are.”

So far iVideo is mostly used to share training-related videos, but Dennehy would like to eventually move a large number of intelligence agency videos to the system.

Videos must be divided based on classifications:

• Top Secret – is used by people in the 16 federal intelligence agencies who have the appropriate clearance.

• Secret – is used by employees of the Defense and State departments.

• Sensitive but Unclassified – is open to government employees generally and approved guests.

Source: Wired.com