Real-Time Search Battle: Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter and Facebook, two of the web’s top social networks, are aiming to be the number one player in real-time search.

About a year ago, Twitter acquired real-time search engine Summize, a search engine that indexes tweets. Shortly after the Summize acquisition Twitter rolled out Twitter Search and the era of real-time search started.

Since then, the area of real-time search has taken off. Twitter Search and Twitter’s trending topics have become a mainstay of Twitter’s microblogging platform and has also become one of the top searches for monitoring breaking and current news stories.

For a year, Twitter had no big rivals in the real-time search arenea. However, that all changed overnight when Facebook took over FriendFeed and rolled out their real-time search engine last week. Facebook’s real-time search can search status updates on user profiles; track pictures, personal notes, online videos etc.

Will Facebook’s acquisition moves and larger membership numbers and make Twitter’s real-time search irrelevant or will Twitter find a way to trump Facebook’s moves into the Twitter territory?

Twitter’s real-time search has only been in use for a year. However, it is positioned as the current leader in real-time search. When you want to find out what people are saying about current news stories you go to Twitter.

According to, Twitter has 3 main advantages over Facebook:

1] First mover advantage.

2] More experience with real-time search.

3] An open platform.

Even though Facebook’s real-time search is only a week old, their new real-time search can search a lot more than just status updates. Facebook’s real-time search has access to over 250 million users, the world’s largest social network can search photos, popular links, current events, applications and more. notes some advantages that Facebook’s search has over Twitter search:

1] More users.

2] A more diverse search tool.

3] Talent and real-time search technology acquired from FriendFeed.

Either social network could win the real-time search race or Google could launch a powerful real-time search engine and wipe out both Facebook and Twitter from the real-time search market.

Source: Mashable