Mom Reunited With Kidnapped Daughter

Shaymaa and Dorothy
Shaymaa reunited with her mother Dorothy

We love happy family reunion stories like this.

A mother has just been reunited with her kidnapped daughter 24 years after the girl was taken from her.

After a long search, Dorothy Fowler has been reunited with her daughter Shaymaa, twenty four years after Shaymaa’s father kidnapped her and took off. Dorothy is now 46 years old and Shaymaa is 26 years old.

Dorothy says that she thought about Shaymaa every day and never gave up hope that one day she would find her daughter again. She said that Shaymaa’s kidnapping ruined the last 24 years of her life and now she finally feels complete again.

Dorothy 18 years old and living in Greece when she met Shaymaa’s father, who was from Egypt. The couple fell in love and had Shaymaa.

After Dorothy became pregnant, her boyfriend became physically abusive towards her. However, Dorothy stayed with him and the couple evventually got married.

Dorothy’s daughter Shaymaa was born in May 1989, but Dorothy and Shaymaa had to leave Greece and go back to her home in the United Kingdom just a few weeks after Shaymaa was born to get away from her abusive husband.

A year later, her husband tracked her down and convinced her to move back to Greece and give him a second chance. Dorothy realized her mistake shortly after moving back to Greece with her daughter. Her husband was still the same abusive man that she had left over a year ago.

Dorothy eventually informed her husband that she was going to leave Greece again with their daughter and go back to the United Kingdom. A few days later a group of her husbands’ friends showed up and told her that she would be returning to the United Kingdom without Shaymaa.

According to Dorothy, the men threatened Shaymaa’s life if she refused to leave Greece alone. The men forced Dorothy into a car, drove her to the airport and sent her back to the United Kingdom without her daughter. That was the last time Dorothy would see her daughter for 24 more years.

Upon arriving back home, Dorothy got in contact with the British Embassy in Athens, Greece and told them what had happened. Embassy staff conducted a search for Shaymaa, but the girl had already been taken back to Egypt by her father.

Unfortunately, there was little that Dorothy could do to find and get custody of her daughter, since the father had taken the girl out of British legal jurisdiction. However, in 2004, the British Embassy contacted Dorothy and informed her that Shaymaa, now 13 years old, had been seen in Cairo, Egypt.

Dorothy went in debt to travel to Egypt to search for her daughter. After several weeks of searching Cairo for her missing daughter and not finding any information on her whereabouts, Dorothy returned back to the United Kingdom alone and hopeless.

Then in August of 2015, Dorothy received and unexpected phone call from Shaymaa’s father. He offered to tell Dorothy where Shaymaa was located if she would help him obtain a British passport.

Dorothy was unable and unwilling to help him get the passport, but she played along in order to get information out of him that would help her to find Shaymaa. Her ploy worked and after several weeks of phone conversations, he finally gave Dorothy the phone number for Shaymaa.

When Dorothy finally talked to Shaymaa on the phone, Shaymaa told her that she was living in Egypt with her husband and three children and that she no longer had any contact with her father.

Dorothy travelled to Egypt only a few weeks after their phone call to meet Shaymaa again for the first time in 24 years. The mother and daughter hugged, cried, talked and bonded for three weeks before Dorothy had to return back to the United Kingdom.

Shaymaa said that she is thankful that Dorothy never stopped searching for her after all of these years. Dorothy is working with British officials to replace Shaymaa’s passport so that she can come back to the UK and eventually live with her family.