Search Reunites Brother & Sister After 65 Years

Congratulations to Jake Robison and Millicent Smith. A year-long people search has reunited the long-lost brother and sister after 65 years apart.

Jake Robison & Millicent Smith
Millicent Smith is reunited with her brother Jake Robison after a year-long search for him ( Photo Credit: Jake Parrish / Hagadone News Network )

Due to some serious relationship problems, Jake and Millicent’s parents separated when he was just a baby and she was only 4 years old. Unfortunately, the brother and sister were separated as well. The only thing that Millicent had to remind her of the fact that she had a younger brother was a copy of his baby book.

Jake was raised by his father in California and Millicent grew up with her mom in Illinois. The brother and sister never saw each other again until last week.

After all of these years, Millicent was urged to search for Jake by her children and some friends of hers. After so many decades had passed, Millicent was worried that she would never find her long-lost brother, but her family and friends continued to push her to search for him. Millicent’s search for Jake lasted for more than a year before she found him.

As is often the case when people search for long-lost family members, Millicent turned to the people search tool on the site to help find her brother. A name search on the Ancestry site returned a listing for a person with her brother’s name living in Hayden, Idaho.

Millicent called the county dispatcher in Kootenai County, Idaho to see if they could help her get in touch with Jake. The dispatcher was unable to provide Millicent with her brother’s contact information due to privacy reasons. However, the dispatcher did offer to send a Sheriff’s Deputy to Jake’s address to give him a message.

The deputy gave Jake a message that he needed to call a family member. Although Jake didn’t recognize the name, he placed a call to Millicent. Jake and Millicent have had several phone calls together over the past two months and they were finally able to meet face-to-face last week.

Jake said that he always knew that he had an older sister, but he didn’t know how to find her or contact her. Now, thanks to Millicent’s search effort, the two have been reunited after more than six decades.