The Best Real-Time Search Engines

Along with the rise in social networks like Twitter and Facebook has come a constant stream of fresh information from these new social media sites.

As a result, real time search engines have arrived on the search scene to index and organize the latest news buzz from these online social circuits. We review some of the better real time search engines below.

— Twitter Real Time Search – Twitter’s own real time search is somewhat limited to just the freshest tweets on any given subject and trending topics, including any shortened links that appear in the tweets. Twitters own social network search is good if you don’t mind tweet overload in your search topic, but the results are pretty limited as far as real time search goes.

— TweetMeme [ US Alexa Rank: 1,189 ] – One of the first real time search engines and, according to Alexa rankings, the most trafficked real time search engines out of the standalone real time search engines on our list. Users can browse popular links by subject or search on a topic. A great search engine for finding the freshest real-time news, map and video links determined by Tweet popularity.

— Topsy [ US Alexa Rank: 5,126 ] – Topsy is another very busy real-time search engine for finding trending topics and fresh search results based on Tweet popularity. Topsy’s real time search results also include top authors and news sources for a given topic.

— OneRiot [ US Alexa Rank: 6,704 ] – OneRiot is a real rising star in the real-time search space. Topsy allows users to browse trending topics from the real-time web or search for web and video results as ranked by popularity on social media sites like Twitter and Digg. OneRiot is one of the best real-time search engines on the scene.

— CrowdEye [ US Alexa Rank: 22,695 ] – The CrowdEye real-time search results are a bit, shall we say “crowded”, search results pages show graphs of tweet volume; popular links; current tweets; related topics; related searches ( which often do not seem at all related to the original search ) as well as Google display ads, which often times do not seem related to the real-time search or results. This is definitely not one of our favorite real time search engines.

— Collecta [ US Alexa Rank: 34,414 ] – The Collecta real-time search engine seems just like a slow copy of Twitter’s own social network search, filled with Tweet overload. Collecta will need to speed up and innovate to stay in the real-time search engine race.

— Scoopler [ US Alexa Rank: 81,729 ] – The Scoopler real-time search engine has “real” potential. Though, as of yet, not one of our top pics for real-time search. Scoopler’s real-time search results show both popular links, video and image results next to live Tweet and Digg updates side by side.

While we encourage readers to try out all of the real time search engines above and experiment with searching for people, topics and current events on all the search engines, a few of the real time searches stand out above the rest.

Our favorite real time search engines are Tweetmeme, Topsy and OneRiot, due to their speed of service and innovation in delivering real time search results for users.