Waitress Is Shown Her Own License As An ID

In what could be one of the more unusual identity theft stories that we have ever read, the Associated Press is reporting on a waitress that was handed her own driver’s license, when she carded a female patron.

From the article —

WESTLAKE, Ohio — Maybe she should have paid better attention to her server.

Last week, a waitress at the Moosehead Saloon in Westlake, Ohio, asked a woman to show proof of age after the customer ordered a drink. When the waitress looked at the ID, she realized the customer’s ID was actually her own license, police said.

The waitress, a 22-year-old Lakewood, Ohio, woman, had reported her wallet stolen from a bar on July 9. Her driver’s license and credit card were in the wallet. The credit card had already been used for $1,000 in illicit purchases, police said.

You can read the entire AP article @ Waitress Shown Own License When Asking For ID.