Verizon Wireless Supports Cell Phone Privacy

TMCnet is reporting that wireless cell phone service provider Verizon has thrown its support behind a bill that would protect customer cell phone records from being illegally obtained by data providers.

From the article —

Verizon Wireless issued the following statement today from Steve Zipperstein, vice president of legal and extreme affairs:

“As the first wireless company in the U.S. to take legal action to protect cell phone customers’ private account information from so-called online data brokers, Verizon Wireless applauds the efforts of Sens. Schumer, Specter and Nelson to protect our customers’ privacy from the crooks and predators who we’ve been hauling into civil court. The criminal penalties in this bill will provide another powerful weapon in the legal arsenal that the private sector and the government can use to protect consumers. We believe this legislation will give federal prosecutors and others in law enforcement the tools they need to crack down on this despicable practice and help defend the privacy of U.S. cell phone customers.”

You can read the entire article @ Verizon Wireless Approves of Cell Phone Privacy Bill.

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