Canada and Germany Top Countries on Privacy Protection

Canada and Germany are rated as the top countries when it comes to privacy protection on their citizens, according to a recent AP article that highlights the findings of an international watchdog group.

From the article —

Germany and Canada are the best defenders of privacy, and Malaysia and China the worst, an international rights group said in a report released Wednesday.

Britain was rated as an endemic surveillance society, at No. 33, just above Russia and Singapore on a ranking of 37 nations’ privacy protections by London-based Privacy International.

The United States did only slightly better, at No. 30, ranked between Israel and Thailand, with few safeguards and widespread surveillance, the group said.

The watchdog organization tracks surveillance and privacy violations by governments and corporations, said director Simon Davies. It studied the reach of governments in their use of video surveillance in private locations, workplace monitoring and identity protection, among other areas.

Source: Germany, Canada top watchdog’s list as countries with best privacy protection