‘Stud or Dud’ People Search & Background Check App

Stud or Dud People Search
Stud or Dud’s People Search and Public Record App

Have you ever wished that you had more background information on a potential online date before meeting them for real in a potentially disappointing, embarrassing or even dangerous situation?

Along with the rapid rise in popularity of social media and online dating sites/apps comes a growing interest in do-it-yourself background check services for people. It is estimated that about 33 percent of people do their own public record research and background checks on potential dates before meeting them personally.

As more people are deciding to do their own background checks and public record research on potential dates, a new app called ‘Stud or Dud’ is promising to make the whole process easier for amateur sleuths. The app, which is currently available for Apple iOS, claims to help people find out more information on prospective online dates before meeting them face to face.

According to the Stud or Dud service, you can search through millions of public records on people by using their full name, email address or phone number. Some of the public records that you can find on people include civil and criminal court records, sex offender records, marriage records, property ownership, foreclosures, evictions, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgements  as well as professional and employment information.

The app also shows people that the searched person is related to.

After a user reviews the public records for a person that they have searched, they can rank the person as a ‘stud’ or a ‘dud.’ The interesting thing about people search and public record apps like Stud or Dud is that they can be used to lookup any person that you are interested in finding information on, not just potential dates.

Of course the amount and quality of information that you find on people through a search like this is never going to be as reliable and comprehensive as a government background check or professional database, but most people don’t have access to that type of information.

The app also gives people the option to manage the public records that Stud or Dud has collected on them or completely remove their public record listings from the app’s search engine. You also have the ability to automatically search for information on people who are in your contact list.

The Stud or Dud people search app is currently only available for Apple iOS devices, but will soon be available for Android as well.